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Deep Cleaning Tasklist:

All floors and stairs swept and mopped or vacuumed. Baseboards, window sills, and ledges dusted and wiped down.
Hardwood floors cleaned with either Bona-X or Murphy's Oil cleaning solution.
Kitchen: Cabinet/cupboard outsides spot cleaned, inside edges of cabinets wiped down, counters wiped clean, sink scrubbed clean, all appliances cleaned, outside of refrigerator cleaned, inside of refrigerator lightly wiped down, stovetops and outside of oven cleaned, backsplash from sink wiped clean, walls spot cleaned, floors swept and mopped. Extra charge for inside oven and inside refrigerator.
Bathrooms: Clean and sanitize tile, toilet, sink, tub, shower stall and doors, spot clean walls, spot clean door, clean light switches and lightbulbs.
Living room, bedrooms: Dusting of furniture and wiping down of surfaces, vacuum underneath couches and beds, walls spot cleaned, doors spot cleaned.

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