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Max Maids strives to consistently exceed our customers' expectations.  To ensure we do this, we recently launched a new service initiative called World-Class Service Standards.  Our goal is to provide outstanding service, using exceptional manners and world-class courtesy.
That means you'll be treated with respect and courtesy by every Max Maids employee.  From the time you first contact Max Maids, and throughout your stay with us, you'll find our employees to be professional, attentive, and knowledgeable about our products and services.  Customer service is at the heart of our business.


Max Maids stands behind its commitment to providing superior cleaning service, by offering a Satisfaction Guarantee to every customer’s home & office. Our approach to customer satisfaction is finding customized solutions to meet your needs.  Every one of our employees is trained in customer service and problem resolution, and is capable of resolving resident issues quickly and efficiently. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the cleaning performance, our employees will make every effort to fix it. We won’t leave until you are completely satisfied.


Max Maids seeks customer feedback to ensure every customer is pleased with our house cleaning service.  We ask customers to fill out online Customer Satisfaction Surveys. 
If you notify our survey representative about any problems, our management team will contact you to find how we could have done better and offer a resolution to your problem. We will also speak to our employee and help her/him become a more qualified cleaning tech.


Max Maids designed a set of Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the same high quality of service all the time.  Each of our employees is prepared to provide correct and complete information and consistent service to every customer.