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Moving checklist for San Francisco
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1 month-2 months

  • Book a moving company
  • Book moving arrangements for pets, vehicles and any other special items
  • Book storage facility if necessary
  • Give your new address to post office (forward online) , friends and family, utility companies, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions, creditors, health providers, schools, subscriptions
  • Register kids into a new school, if moving out of the area
  • Collect all records (medical, dental, school transcripts…)
  • Make an inventory of valuable items
  • Make a file for important documents
  • Get suitable boxes and containers for the move
  • Complete any home repairs you are committed to
  • Notify any service providers of your move (gardening, domestic maintenance…)
  • Start packing
  • Renters: provide your landlord with a written 30 Day moving out notice. Go over your lease agreement and make sure you provide the proper notice.

3 weeks before the move

  • Contact utility companies about having your appliances disconnected
  • Sell, donate or trash any items you will not be taking with you
  • Continue packing

2 weeks

  • Return any library books , and collect any other items
  • Finish off any food in your cupboards and freezer
  • Pack any garage, garden and shed tools or items
  • Drain lawn mower and other power tools of oil and gasoline
  • Dispose of any hazardous items
  • Continue packing
  • Contact and inquire about move-out cleaning, carpet steam cleaners
  • Also consider inquiring about moving-in cleaning for new home

1 week

  • Finish major packing
  • Call and confirm any moving arrangements, with movers or any other companies involved
  • Make sure all outstanding bills are paid
  • Take apart furniture that needs to be disassembled

1 Day before

  • Finish packing
  • Put together a box of essential items for the move
  • Defrost and clean major appliances
  • Make sure all the boxes are labeled appropriately
  • Make sure you have all moving related documents on hand

Moving Day

  • Be on hand to oversee the loading process
  • Give the house a final tour, to check if you’ve forgotten anything
  • Leave a note of your name, address, and contact number to the new residents, to forward any mail
  • Drop off or arrange for pick up of the keys for your old home.
  • Make sure you have the keys to your new home, turn off all switches, lock up and leave

30 Days after move

  • Contact utility companies and insure that payments have been made on the final bill for old house and that the accounts are closed
  • Send out thank you cards for anyone that may have provided help during your move

Phone Numbers

  • .San Francisco Customer Service(311) 415-701-2311
  • .PG&E 800-743-5000 .AT&T 800-310-2355
  • .Comcast/Cable 800-945-2288 (Transfer Account Online) .Water Department 415-550-4911
  • .Recology Sunset Scavenger 415-330-1300 .Department of Parking 415-553-1200

Max Maids Phone: 415-244-2174
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